breast active

After taking office of  to the clergy, bishops and faithful of the letters in which ordered the preservation of faithfulness to the teaching of the Orthodox Church and criticized Russia flowing into Western mores, including shaving beards, dressing like a European and smoking . Bishops urged the faithful to manifest personal example, and to prevent spread of the teaching of other faiths. Princes and boyars ordered to follow in his conduct divine justice, to defend the victims, not illegally breast actives occupy lands belonging to monasteries and churches . Soldiers urged to follow orders, and commanders – to his father’s treatment of subordinates.  In another letter ordered to be removed from the church those who homage western fashions, the problem of shaving their beards and mustaches has devoted a separate pastoral letter in which to justify the wearing of facial hair, based on the Old Testament and the sacred texts of the theologians of the first  centuries. He stressed that the beard is a gift from God to men, and its absence in women shows their inferiority. Adrian, however, sought to maintain good relations with, and therefore tolerate his admiration of the fashionable  corresponded with the monarch, and took him to the Patriarchal  church founded by two ships.
In the patriarch presided two  The same year, Adrian drove from  brothers and , acting at the request of the  This decision contributed to the collapse of the Academy of the. In the same year the Patriarch published an article in which he appealed for Russian education teachers to teach the Russians did not have to be under the direction of foreigners  he met several times with the Tsar, to talk about the need to obtain by the Russian ministers of higher education the advice of the patriarch ordered the continuation of work on the translation of  theological literature into sent a letter to the governors of church, in which he detailed guidance on the proper celebration of religious services, the appearance of the church, proper behavior of the faithful, with staroobrzędowcami relations, relations with the local secular administration. He stressed the need to use in practice, only the revised liturgical books Nikon arising after the reform and the fact that the clergy was not subject to the secular courts.

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